• Legal Notes

Legal Notes

Using this page means that the general terms and conditions apply whether or not you have clicked the ‘General Terms and Conditions’ link on the website. Your attention has been drawn to these links on the website, which is why we assume you have noticed the General Terms and Conditions and read them.

Service Contract

The contract terms applied to our vehicle glass repair and replacement services are the following:

  1. We carry out vehicle glass repair and/or replacement services based on this contract’s clauses.
  2. The contract has been entered into between us and you, the possessor of the vehicle.
  3. You, of your own free will, take the obligation to pay us for the services that you or your representative have requested based on an invoice issued to you.
  4. If you have comprehensive insurance, you may be required to pay excess. The exact amount is specified in your insurance policy. If you have not already paid us the excess, it needs to be paid no later than the moment the vehicle glass is repaired or replaced, unless the parties agree otherwise.
  5. Should your insurance company, for any reason, refuse to pay for the services and/or goods we have provided, including where we have notified you on behalf of the insurance company that they will compensate your claim, the obligation to pay the invoices we issue shall be yours.
  6. The form of payment is advance payment unless agreed otherwise in unequivocal fashion. Unless you have fulfilled your obligation fully and duly you have no claim for service and/or goods.
  7. We always try to maintain customer satisfaction. Should you have any claims or wish to file a complaint, call us on +371 676 60 129, write to SIA Carglass Latvia, Karla Ulmana str.119, Marupe, LV – 2167 or e-mail mailto:info@carglass.lv
  8. You confirm that your vehicle has been checked in your presence before we performed any operations with it and all documented damage corresponds to reality.

Intellectual Property

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The trademarks in Latvia are licensed to SIA Carglass Latvia. All of this website’s intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademarks, are reserved and reproduction or use of any trademark or other intellectual property without the prior written permission of the holder of intellectual property is forbidden. Linking to this website without our written permission is forbidden as well.

Call recording

As part of our quality control, we record some phone calls in which one of our employees is a party. This is necessary to meet your service expectations, ensure the best service quality and be capable of controlling it.


These General Terms and Conditions are based on Latvian legislation.