Cookie Usage Policy

Cookies are small text files that are sent to your computer, smart phone or tablet via a web browser. When you visit our website, cookies are saved on your device’s ROM allowing our system to recognise you upon your next visit and improve the usability of our website for you.

Cookies may be temporary (session cookies) that are in use only during your visit to our website and are deleted after you close your browser; or permanent, remaining on your device’s ROM after you have left our website up until you delete them manually or when your browser does so after a certain time has passed.

We use some temporary cookies to remember you when you visit our website, but we allow third parties (especially Google) to use analytical cookies on our websites (both temporary and permanent) for the purpose of collecting aggregate data about the most visited parts of our websites and to monitor our advertisements. This information is used to improve our website’s content and usability and to receive information about the success of our adverts elsewhere online. In our view, these cookies violate privacy minimally. We do not allow other third party cookies on our websites that track your Internet use for target marketing purposes (online behavioural advertising).

The majority of web browsers are set to accept the cookies from us and third parties. However, you can adjust these settings (in terms of both our cookies and third party cookies): you can either accept cookies, show a prompt every time a cookie is sent to allow or disable it or immediately disable all cookies. For the sake of our website’s functionality, we recommend that you allow cookies from both us and third parties. Browser settings can be changed on the toolbar. Should you wish to disable Google Analytics cookies (Google DoubleClick), visit the following website ( and download the browser add-on Google Analytics Opt-out.

Should you wish to disable our cookies you can configure your browser to do so, but remember that doing so may cause problems with some of the website’s functions, reducing its ease of use.

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Social network icons

In order to implement the icons of social networking sites, such as Facebook and YouTube, and connect them to corresponding networks and external sites, scripts from these domains beyond our control are in use. You should bear in mind that these sites most likely gather information about your Internet use, including from our site. If you click on one of these icons, the sites register this action and may use that knowledge. You should read each site’s respective policies to find out how precisely your information is used and how can you refuse to impart that information or delete it.