• Why should I get a chip repaired?

    Fastest and cheapest way to restore glass

Glass chip repairs

Carglass® always offers first to repair a chip in your windscreen. It is the fastest and cheapest way to restore the pre-damage state and durability of vehicle glass as closely as possible.

  • One car, one chip €76
  • One car, two chips €114
  • One car, three chips €152

Windscreen chip repair

Stage I

Preparation of the damaged area for repair. First we make sure that the chip is as clean as possible to ensure that our special chip repair polymer sticks properly to the windscreen.

Stage II

Filling the chip with polymer. Next, we place a special device on the damaged area, creating a vacuum. Once all the air has been sucked out, the chip is filled with polymer.

Stage III

Polymer solidification. Then we solidify the polymer using a special UV tool. It takes around three minutes for the polymer to fully solidify.

Stage IV

Finishing up. Once the polymer has solidified we remove any excess polymer and polish the repaired area to ensure perfect smoothness. The repair process is then complete.

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