• Carglass® price list

Carglass® price list

Carglass® cooperates with all of the insurance companies in Estonia and we will help you with your glass damage cases as well. In general, comprehensive insurance policies do not include excess in the case of glass damage and approaching us to settle your glass damage case will not see you incur any additional costs.

Glass chip repairs

One car, one chip
Second chip on the same windscreen at the same time
Third chip on the same windscreen at the same time

Windscreen replacement

Windscreen or rear window replacement M1 and N1 class cars
€76 - €99
Side window replacement
€55 - €69
Truck glass replacement in glue
Truck glass replacement in gum


Calibration of rain sensor (by recalibrating camera)
Calibration of rain sensor

Additional safety

We always recommend that you change the windscreen wipers after your windscreen has been replaced to ensure maximum visibility in the rain and difficult conditions. You can purchase new Bosch windscreen wipers from all of our workshops at a competitive price.


You can pay in cash and using all common bank cards in our workshops.